Make acid great again: why you should still dress for resistance.

Women in Munich demonstrate against the ‘maxi’ looks featured in the approaching autumn and winter fashion in 1970.   Fashion, specifically subcultures with their distinguishable style, and various articles of clothing, as means to resist have been utilised by protestors of all sorts. While subcultures role in the society have changed and style became somewhat…

An Afternoon of Art Hunt in Shoreditch

Sometime ago I organised my first Hype community art hunt in London with a group of ten lovely Influencers, where we all met up in Shoreditch and split into teams, then spent the afternoon hunting for cool art and things to share with you guys on Hype! We made it more interesting by giving each…

4-days of electronic extravaganza in the woods

Image by Here & Now This year I had a fantastic opportunity to join the 8th edition of an electronic music heaven a.k.a Farr Festival held in a forest in Hertfordshire, England. What felt at first more like a friendly gathering in 2009, has now evolved into one of the UK’s leading electronic music festivals, boasting…

TEEN CLUB: Ethan on Fashion, Modeling & Being Yourself

Photo by @chris_edfi for ASOS menswear I remember meeting Ethan for the very first time over at our Hype Influencers’ BMW experience. He was carrying a skateboard with him while slowly approached the rest of the group — he immediately stood out from the crowd with his fresh and witty style, and laid back attitude….

seeing things, seeing things, seeing things, scanning things

I cannot get away. From the sea, From seeing things, From scanning you, From diverting my gaze, From catching yours, From keeping silent, From breaking silence, From trembling, From the turbulence, From tremendous thinking, I cannot keep my mind occupied anymore. As I’ve been thinking of you. whiskey 🖖🏻

tonsillitis interpreted

so this week I am stuck in bed. tonsillitis came earlier than usual. boredom and pain is a killer combo. literally