72 Dots Per Inch

One of the recent exhibitions called ’72 Dots Per Inch’ which takes place in KK Outlet offers audience a glimpse to Ill Studio’s work. The graphic designs made by Ill Studio are inspired by today’s omnipresent phenomenon – the Internet. The content of the Internet flabbergasts the artists… The option of coalescing and experimenting with bits and pieces that do not have correlation is one of the most thrilling fractions, which aid into creating bizarre, but at the same time action-packed world of the Web. The exhibition’s originality takes the spectator out of the context to the absolute absurdness and greatness. From the picture of Rocky Balboa’s character (acted out by Sylvester Stallone) located on the floor to a fluctuated image of a pineapple. Moreover, a video of peculiar clips mashed up collectively is introduced to the audience. Apparently, the animated gif refers to the amateurism of the YouTube’s culture.

Overall, exhibition boasts of its originality and uniqueness, forcing the viewer to leave his or hers comfort zone and explore unseen sides of the Internet.


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