Wanderlust // Bearspace

Fresh from the success of their work in Brave New World at London Art Fair 2012, artists Jane Ward and Reginald S. Aloysius have joined together to create new show Wanderlust which opened at Bearspace last Friday to a swarm of avid spectators.

Capturing, thought-provoking objects d’art of both Jane Ward and Reginald S. Aloysius made me realize the essence of the title. Indeed, I felt like I was wandering, with a desire to find out more about the amazing artifacts. In fact, the artists’ themselves were stimulated by traveling and the word wanderlust actually means a strong desire for voyage. R. Aloysius works are made on MDF (medium-density fibreboard). The artist shared that he used nearly 20 coats of white paint and that the graphite to shade was utilized. His engraved strokes, painted with colour, were inspired by traditional Indian saris and it appears that fundamentally Aloysius’ work explores themes of lost traditional values in multinational communities.

J. Ward art pieces are based on hierarchy of the memories. Some parts of her work are indistinct, scattered, unlike others, which point out that the memories are fading or vice versa. Her dreamlike pieces are made by the technique of layering digital print, then carefully removing the surface ink. The artist noted that she is inspired by natural calamities, such as cunamies and tornados. Overall, the pieces of art of both artists’ transfer the viewer to the world of wander and exploration. One can clearly see what authors of the art want to state, but at the same time a place for interpretation is left as well. Wander and lust.


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