Tal Regev / GX Gallery

This time I found myself at Camberwell’s GX Gallery, which presented Tal Regev’s first solo show ‘DEPART’. Tal was born in Israel and now resides in the UK. She studied at Goldsmiths College and is represented by La Scatola Gallery. But enough of the red tape, let’s transfer to the world of Regev’s art.

From semi-naked extraterrestrial beings covered with gas masks and grotesque army-like helmets to petite conceptual shapes and golden triangles, which all combined create a dramatic stage, where her art takes life. Vivid colours and surplus of painted oil brush strokes unite in forming abstract, extravaganza scenarios. Artist herself said that the decisions she make, while producing work of art, are instinct based and come from subterranean and private fractions of her essence. The inner drama and intimate conflicts are reflected through her work.  There are a lot of things that Regev likes to keep to herself only and gas masks are the iconic representation of the issue. By utilizing art as a form of release of negative emotions, at the end of the day, she still feels restless, but this is the only way she can share her emotions that no words can explain.

Overall, Tal Regev’s intimate and abstract pieces touch the viewer and provoke him or her to go through personal drama that the artist herself is experiencing. The art that truly touches.


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