Crisis Commission // Somerset House

The Crisis Commission collectively brought notable artists in sequence to advertise the issue of homeliness in today’s society. Every performer’s approach to the phenomenon was like chalk and cheese. Some had a deeper liaison to the issue than others, in terms that the artists themselves have experienced it.

However, the hardships of the people without a roof under their heads were understood equally. Paintings, installations that are from top to bottom inimitable and delicate work of arts, declare the identical message. From Italian, African, French revolution’s (1968) inspired proverbs (Nathan Coley) that were exploited, to genuine stories that artists have stumbled across. Few artists seized function of medium and retold stories of the people. In fact, William James West’s painting had an impact on homeless man that was beaten up. The culprits after seeing the work of W. J. West’s apologised.

Nika Neelova has chosen the model of the doors and the far-fetched number of them that are closed to the homeless. Yinka Shonibare’s installation articulates that the magnitude of the ‘luggage’ people living on the streets have on their shoulders is tough to balance and ultimately will fall.

Overall, artists raised the issue with their means and sent a message to the society. The event was not only to make a notice of the problem, but also to collect funds on auction at Christie’s on 3 May.

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