Selling Sex // Show studio

‘Selling sex’ is a challenging, nevertheless philosophical heading of the exhibition by 25 women artists in SHOW STUDIO located at 1 – 9 Bruton Place, London. Installations and paintings display women’s perspective of another women, sex and nudity. Undoubtedly, pieces are more sensitive, vulnerable and erotic and more… leaving audience reading between the lines. However, the fact that the exhibition is being evaluated by a female herself might leave one tentative about whether I have the competency. And to plead guilty, I do possess petite, feminist-like vein. The fact that no men figure is found in the pieces leaves that modest blood vessel of mine’s pulsating. That’s a common sense, however, that woman vis`-a-vis´ a woman cannot embrace male counterparts in the picture. Can the situation be one of those so called ‘gender wars’? Even if the answer for the question is of a negative or positive manner, the fact that the artists created works to display inequality that still exists in the world of art is a piece of evidence.

To illustrate the situation utilizing figures that are trusted as facts become handy. Only 8% of the work exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art is created by female gender, Tate’s female holdings amount to an inadequate 15% and the main dessert is Louvre with no female artists in their collection of 35,000 artworks. With a feministic fashion female artists have started the conversation, not essentially the battle. That is clear.

The relationship with female protagonists and their objet d’art differs. For instance, Liz Cohen (‘BODY WORK Grinder’) took 12 pictures (something like a calendar for men) and posed in them herself with the car she brought back and reconstructed from America.

Cortney Andrews (‘Arms Bend’) takes pictures of a narrative that happens within her family or people close to her. However, bruised woman in the picture of hers leaves viewers questioning the cause of it. C. Andrews work sure is mystical…

Betony Vernon (‘Urn Anal dilation Diletto kit’) created a kit for pleasures that is aesthetically pleasant and not vulgar. ‘Something that women would like to play with.’ Well… that’s according to her, but let’s not quarrel about the taste shall we?

Atsuko Kudo’s handmade outfit called ’Armour for Prostitutes’ is made of materials that make individuals engage into symbolic linking. Focal fabric of the clothing is leather and according to the grapevine and by hook or by crook it very well reacts with the filthiness. Only this time, extraordinary, minute details grant princess-like sensation to the attire. This was achieved with nothing but a hard work, so no wonder that the designer have worked for Lady Gaga and other eminent figures.

This is just a small portion of the amazing works that women have done. Definitely, exhibition caused some commotion, since there are eminent people involved in it, like Victoria Secret’s model in the visual installation, Atsuko Kudo and many other celebrated figures. Overall, the exhibition is not about picking the fronts or starting wars, it is about woman taking action and highlighting existing issues.

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