Kitchen + women = sandwich?

I’m running out of ideas for the topics to discuss in my blog, so I’ve decided to take a bit of a mainstream fashion to handle the things. I mean, how hard can it be: pick fashion, food, music or other appealing subjects to the mass and add a little bit of personality – voila, by the time you should already have readers or even subscribers!

As some might have guessed from my kitchen-style jargon, I settled down with the food.

I’m offering you a lovely recipe to heal y’all souls and shit like that:

1)  Rundown sushi;

You’ll need:

a) Japanese restaurant;

b) money for eating out;

It’s fucking hard, I followed every step in the sushi-making book that I have, but  it requires a lot of skills and I’m tellin’ ya, for slackers like me, it is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

2) Gogol mogol pie;

a) How it should look like:


b)How it shouldn’t look like (that’s my post-production) :

Overall, my recipes are worthless. Well, to be fair,  my kitchen is only for dancing and so I gave up on myself . My friends, as well approve that I’m not a kitchen-friendly woman.

So, sorry future husband, you’re the one who is going to make sandwiches.


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  1. Barbie says:

    I am glad you like the concept! 🙂

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