Summertime sadness


It has been quite some time, since I’ve posted anything. In these sort of cases, people should apologize or defend themselves with sucky excuses . But you know what… Fuck you. No, seriously, I have a life and writing a blog is just of nano size importance to me. More or less…

I’m drinking beer at the moment, perhaps this out of nowhere brutality can be the cause of it?

Anyways, summer is slowly coming to an end (miss obvious strikes again), which is always sad. The case,perhaps, is worse for those who still go to school, a whole new year of crap in modern version of concentration camp. Boy, oh boy… I remember, once I’ve finished school:


Truthfully, the happiest moment of my life, was graduation.

For those still in high schools : good luck, motherfuckers, you’ll need it.

Man I’m drowning in sadness or beer is started killing my brain cells, since I’m getting all nostalgic. Summer festivals, friends, good weather and no worries. That’s the way every season should be lived (unless you cock suckers live in tropical places,where summer is 365).

Photograph below  is taken by me


Either way, that’s the way life works. Constant goodbyes and greetings. You just get used to the shit.

I’m outta here for another beer,

Cheers, bitchachos!


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