my life got no better, same damn ‘lo sweater

Yo! It’s been awhile, nah?

Good thing non of us actually care!!! Seriously, once again I’m just chippin’ my  teeth at you…

So, I thought of a comeback and what sort of techniques I should use, but at the end I decided to just pick  from where I left. So no head-fuckin for you kidos.  Frankly, it’s should be clear by now, that i wasn’t doing any pre-thinking before this post.

I guess, I’m just not that person to get a proximity infatuation with.

Truthfully, I could not be more Vanessa-aic,since I kind of managed to survive Christmas and the whole marathon of bollocks. Don’t try sticking  some amoral Hitler’s mustaches to my face, because I do like family time. Nonetheless, other bits and pieces of those celebrated days are commodificated and commercialized, money-sucking and stomach-stuffing phenomenons.

And who doesn’t love some extra-weight putting , sentimental ‘drinkchats’ and obviously gyps presents?

Well, du-uh!


So, basically, my life got no better, same damn ‘lo sweater


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