Pussy rioters


The Weird Girls Project is a con­tinu­ous art exper­i­ment cre­ated by con­cep­tual artist Kitty Von-​Sometime. It is being developed epis­ode by epis­ode and its par­ti­cipants are a mix of those who star­ted from the very begin­ning and those who joined later. The concept of every epis­ode is care­fully pol­ished for around three months before its meta­morph­osis into video and photo formats. The par­ti­cipants know about the epis­ode just enough – the date, but the idea, loc­a­tion and cos­tumes are kept secret. Every girl knows she will be pho­to­graphed and filmed, but everything else is taken care of by Kitty Von-​Sometime and her col­leagues behind the stage in secret.

I have to emphas­ise that the par­ti­cipants are only female and the pro­ject (no need to be Einstein) is named after them. The res­ult of the pro­ject is of visual nature, but the centrepiece is the event itself and the reac­tion of the girls to the cos­tumes, their impro­visa­tion and the force that becomes appar­ent when they col­lab­or­ate. The women are of dif­fer­ent ages, edu­ca­tional back­ground and exper­i­ence and do not neces­sar­ily know each other before the day of the performance.

The bom­bastic praise towards the sole gender might hint you that I am sug­gest­ing some fem­in­ist move­ment that is about to go burn their bras, but it is far from that. The grout that is united by own­ing a vagina is talk­ing only about them­selves and their prob­lems. The women in the pro­ject are not study­ing theatre and are not pro­fes­sional (implied by the pop­cul­ture) super­mod­els. The goal of the pro­ject is to encour­age non­con­form­ist women whose bod­ies do not fol­low social norms to get rid of any neg­at­ive emo­tions caused by the exist­ing stereotypes.

During more than 4 years of its exist­ence the pro­ject gave birth to more than 20 epis­odes of vari­ous forms. It was star­ted with a very naive note stat­ing lack of exper­i­ence, but has matured through­out its course. Kitty cre­ates the concept of every event, but always involves vari­ous pho­to­graph­ers, cos­tume design­ers and film­makers to make the pro­ject lively and mean­ing­fully collaborative.


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  1. sillyamy says:

    That sounds like a very interesting project, will totally check out those vids!

    1. Barbie says:

      Yeah, you should! There are loads of them,but recent ones are the best! Since you’re interested in music go for the ones that are music video clips, they are pretty awesome!

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