Stories behind the webcamera

Hey yo wassap  nigger what’s crackin’
what u doin, what’s goin on, what’s happenin’
see nowdays im pimpin the mac n’ sellin crack n
Nigga u still rappin’?

I think something just went wrong with my petite prologue. (google the lyrics if you’re interested in this song, it’s pretty flaky)

Just going to skip any long crappy-talking-’boutmyself and get to the point of this post. Pictures. Taken with web camera. So many of my friends live overseas, so communication via the Web is of vital importance for the bond to survive.

I have quite an immense collection of some pictures taken to showcase them for mates abroad.

It really gets random:


webcam-toy-photo3 (2)

webcam-toy-photo4 (2)Video call snapshot 7 Video call snapshot 14


what up is I hang with the hardest motherf ‘ers’


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