Day 1: Illuminati

Hello folks! So I’ve noticed that this thing of posting a day during a period of a year is really a trend now, hence I have decided to take up this challenge as well (couldn’t get more boring…)

Knowing me it is easy to guess that I wouldn’t involve in any challenge that lasts as long as a year does, so I’ve decided to bother both you and myself for a shorter period of time. I guess, kindness is just one of my good attributes, innit?

A week sounded like a hassle, but picking something with a less days wouldn’t really make any sense.

Yep, week it is then.

For everybody’s sake! (again the kindness says it all)

During the week I am going to focus on photography. My message might look a bit abstract but I hope you’ll get it at the end and will leave a comment on the final day. Keep on tuned!


Day 1


What do you think about those 365 challenges? A shitty excuse or an admirable challenge? Also, what do you think about my picture and the meaning of it?


14 thoughts on “Day 1: Illuminati

    1. I’m glad you enjoy my challenge! That’s exciting and I hope you are not arrived at conclusions yet. Why did the cat throw you away? 🙂

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