Final day: why the hell?

Day 1 and why? Click here.

So I am finished with my seven day challenge. To be fair, I bow in front of everyone who is able to keep up the challenge for a whole year. Well done guys… Well done!

I found it extremely hard to keep up for just seven days. It was a struggle. Why?

There can be several reasons for it, like:

  • I have one big and lazy ass
  • Instead of social life on the Internet, I’d rather choose the 3D one
  • Even though it’s just a picture, to actually edit and make one, it can take up a lot of time
  • I might be one of those weird (or actually brilliant, but hey, don’t wanna be arrogant here) individuals, who find it psychologically hard to commit oneself to an imaginary audience out there on social platforms.

You can pick whatever, none of them matter, as long as the job is done.

So what was the project about?

I’s about utilising google trends and popular search words in order to achieve better ratings for the blog. And it might work, if you keep with it for a long time, but my blog’s traffic merely increased. It’s also to keeping up with the digital trends. What did you expect my challenge to be about? Did anyone guessed right?


3 thoughts on “Final day: why the hell?

  1. Thanks for the info Brent! Those were some random facts, but if you know more please share them with me! Btw have you heard the one about burger with a golden dusts? Seriously, people are fucked in the head nowadays πŸ™‚

  2. sorry, 1,050 slices of bacon…
    and the same guy decided to try Burger King’s double whopper… and adding as many patties as you like. He added 10.
    Another one was.. 1,000 slices of cheese on a Whopper.
    Go look at they’ve got all the info.. lols

  3. yes, the 3D life is much better… except for the people (that was a joke).
    As for your WTF project, which I think I might like… there was one here in Japan about a guy that took on Burger King with their ‘add bacon’ to your burger… so he added 1,500 slices of bacon.

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