TEEN CLUB: bullshit, nudity and foxes with Jurrga



Before falling asleep I see things. Weird concepts of the unknown use and images untouched by metaphysical links. I wait for the minute when I will wake up breathing frequently and wipe the drop of sweat from my forehead. Oh, how I wish it was only a nightmare – I start my quiet monologue. Please… I look up while imitating the Christian tradition of asking favours.

Before falling asleep I don’t really sleep, instead, I am observing stuff on my computer screen (it’s called scrolling). The weird concepts and images actually stand for commercial aka bullshit photography that I come across. And really deep in my heart, I am an emotional being, and I sincerely wish to congratulate everybody with their “wonderful” work. With a chair. In their face. And don’t you dare to draw on me some immoral-looking moustaches, as this is my own twisted view.

However, there are a few “gods” who respond to my prayers and their work blesses my screen once in a while. This time it was Jurga (Stonefox).


B: Tell me about yourself. Where are you from and what is your revolution theory? 

J: I don’t like to talk about myself and don’t know how to do, so that’s the hardest question for me. I am Jurrga, I live in a city with a port. I don’t want to share my revolution theories as I don’t think that neither I or the world is ready for that.


When did you find yourself interested in photography?

My interest started when I was maybe eight years old. My parents grew tired of my conflicts with my sister due to me taking her camera got me a camera of my own. It was funny one – small and tiny, brick-shaped and made photos worse than most smartphones nowadays. 


What inspired you to do this?

I always viewed photography as a way to concentrate my thoughts, express myself and escape. Since getting my first camera I had moments when I wouldn’t let it go and I was taking pictures of everything and sometimes there are prolonged moments when I did not take any photos at all, but I always returned to photography. 


Why photography is important to you? 

With a camera in my hands, I stand strong. But regarding the future I wouldn’t want to limit myself solely to it, I would like to experiment and do various things.

Do you think you need to be talented to take a good picture?

A talented person will produce a good picture faster, a little less gifted one will take much longer. And overall, the concept of ‘good picture’ is interesting to me as there are so many interpretations. Sometimes you need to follow the rules with a textbook composition and sometimes you want to experiment a little. The good eye has never made any harm to any photographer, but not everyone needs the talent to take pictures for commercials.

Is the price of a camera parallel to the quality of the picture?

You can make both good and bad pictures with cheap cameras, just as it was with the expensive ones. There are impressive pictures taken with simple film cameras and there are boring pictures made with expensive gear. But you can come to talk again about the people with talent and no talent here again.


What is the trait of your photos, how are you different from other photographers?

I don’t like categories and I leave it to the ones who like it. I noticed that I usually do black and white pictures, and if I use colours they are dark.

Do those dark colours have any links with your perception of the world? Maybe your personal undergoing affects the pictures? 

I’ve always prioritised black and white photography and it is only recently that I started to play with colours. In everyday situations, I noticed that my eye catches the dirty bits rather than nice and polished ones. And my observations obviously affect my creations. 


‘Name Surname Photography’ movement. Punished or approved? 

You should punish those who cannot critically see themselves and offer more crap to the degraded society. I support people who create art and through this ‘…. Photography’ I saw some really talented people who just would stop making fool of themselves.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I could not give a cheesier answer, but I am inspired by absolutely everything. My own and other people’s lives, everyday situations, its analysis, relationships between shape and colour, journeys, and most of all I like taking pictures of people. 


Biggest competitors?

I have no reason to fight other photographers now, we don’t fight for orders. It is the hobby that unites us and when the two meet they always find something to discuss.

You are young, just 17, but your photos are impressive. Most of the girls of your age who possess a talent have no way to show it. Do you think you are mature enough to represent your work?

Thanks. There are pictures that I know that I wanted to say some specific message with. They are important to me. Some are very deep and meaningful and I interpret them in my own meaning. I always motivate others to see something of their own so I hesitate about naming them. I want to give people an empty sheet and let him draw what he sees there. 


You made an impression that interpretation, both in public and private, is an important phenomenon. Obviously, you’re not sleeping in Procrustean bed, but don’t you think that giving freedom is not taking responsibility by leaving it all to the public to decide on the meaning? 

I am not going to pretend to be better than I am and I will tell that I am not the most responsible person in the world. But the freedom of thoughts is something that I offer to the public is not a bad thing, I point at the photos that I wanted to say something, and which ones are the reflections of my everyday life. Some are just to have a look at. But I think that this would ruin the attraction for the public. But if everything would be said beforehand I become the one observing the viewer waiting to analyse his reaction. Now the reaction is unaffected by my personal opinion.


What is the meaning of your nickname (STONEFOX) ?

Regarding the nickname, I would not want to carry the tag ‘Jurrga Ram pho-to-graphy’ and thought that my life always has a motif of foxes. Sometimes they are real, drawn or made up.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. A.K. says:

    thats a really good interview and she is a very talented photographer, well at least I think so))
    Anastassia http://creativerussia.wordpress.com

    1. Barbie says:

      Thanks Anastassia! Yeah she’s really talented

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