TEEN CLUB: Rusne, the teenage alien that takes photographs


It was bright and warm summer, and I remember sitting with a group of old friends in the park, shamelessly discussing the state of the world and other bullshit. Our small talk was successfully interrupted by the two figures that were approaching us. Of whom, only one was familiar: I shook hands with an old buddy, and then he introduced us to an alien at the time. She was called Rusne.

One of my friends that has flawless stalking skills in and knows the latest gossip cautiously asked if Rusne wasn’t behind the (apparently) famous at the time ‘Pazdrazdyte Photography’.

She nodded. My face frowned after hearing of such unheard and tongue-twisting names, the girl smiled and my eyes suddenly noticed the camera hanging under her neck.

This led to that and I asked her a couple of questions.

Barbara: Hi Rusne, which ‘planet ‘are you from? What’s your plan on taking over the world sound like?
Ruse: I’m Rusnė Pazdrazdytė from the seaside. Not planning to conquer the world, but mastering my camera is my long term plan.

B: You already managed to get into the minds of many Lithuanians. Do you expect to grow the number of fans of your photography page and what is the recipe for that?
R: One does not share its best recipes.

B: ‘A photographer that’s in her teen years’ – a good title to attract more attention and clients, or a title that makes you sound experience-lacking?
R: Age is just a fact. And I don’t consider myself a photographer, you need to grow up for that.

B: How did you start and what is your ‘muse’?
R: I admired photography since childhood. Started to take pictures more often last year after receiving a DSLR lens. It was friends and other people in Lithuania.

B: What does photography mean to you?
R: It’s a big part of my free time now. Without the camera, I feel like without hands.

B: How about throwing some shade at more established Lithuanian photographers?
R: I am trying to learn from them, not criticise them.


B: What do you think of the mammoth amount of photographers in social media, introducing their photos in a similar label ‘Name Surname Photography’? Does having a good camera make you a good photographer and Photoshop takes you to a professional level?
R: Only the strongest survive.

B: Where do you get inspiration and ideas for your photoshoots?
R: Usually, it is the relationship with a person, environment, and music.



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