Guest Post: stay crazy

I think I am friends with this girl ‘Barbie’ is just because she’s a bit crazy. Look at her blog, it is more than clear that the chick is missing one screw. But enough about her, let’s talk about me.  Karolis, 20yrs old, business student. I’ll say you this, I made one big mistake by choosing my field of study, because it is booooooooring as fuck. No worries, though. I have few passions that keep me positive and motivated and that is sports and photography either singled out or a combination of them.

This is actually one of my favorite photographs I took. And here’s some more:


(You should check out my portfolio here, for better quality and quantity pictures.)

I came today with a purpose. And that is to encourage everyone to follow their passion. In order to make others happy, first you have to become one yourself and that’s why it is crucial that you chase after your desires and stay truthful to who you are.

Why me? Why here?

Because as I told you, the girl is crazy, so is what I do and our message for you is to be crazy,follow your dreams and stay happy. People who tell you, that you can’t accomplish your goals are those who haven’t succeeded theirs’.


Don't hold back, will ya?

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