Save the drama for yo mama

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Friend-ships are called like that, since it is hard to be on the same boat with a person you don’t really appreciate. Either you both sail or one has to drown. And it is what it is- friendshipping or no shipping. Well, at least, this is what I believe, but quite often do those theories have a tendency of failing in practice. Simplicity and its beauty are always getting complicated by people’s characteristic filters and man… it gets dirty. Though, shouldn’t filters exist for cleansing and not for damaging the poor plane and the simple?

These good old ships have a different working mechanisms nowadays and we are holding tightly onto, even when they begin to sink like a Titanic that just met an iceberg. We are gripping tightly, even if the person at the other end of your tiny tiny boat makes you want to jump into  shark’s jaws or pursue Jack Kerouac’s attitude towards whiskey. And that is just mentally nihilistic and suicidal. From here onwards, it is simple mathematics with a clear result:

Drama it is…

Well, from my point of view, ain’t nobody got time for that – don’t start the ‘life of pi’ sort of scenario with someone who is not worth it. Pygmalion effect is just another theory and high expectations does not really give you the better results.

And If you shower yourself with cornucopia of positivism, then… Do the maths yourselves.

c’mon save the drama for yo mama, it’s time to smoke marijuana.


Don't hold back, will ya?

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