Double trouble


LIVING with your best mate can be like a sayf zou hadayn (double-edged sword):

side one) double trouble  fun

side two)  your name is transformed into a good’ol  ‘Bitch’


18 thoughts on “Double trouble

      1. thank you dear

        just choose any three awards and copy paste the logos on you blog as you post generally

  1. and after you move out, you’ll see if you really were good friends, or just roommates that drifted apart.
    i’ve got both.. but like your commenter above mentioned, dynamics between guys and girls is a bit different..
    sure is some trouble.. er fun! lol

    1. Brent, yeah I know what you mean and it probably does work differently for girls, but I am kind of reassured that everything will go well for me, heh.

  2. I loved with my best friends for years and we were fine. Social dynamics between males and females are quite different, though. We did fight occasionally, but would make up and put it behind us within a day or so.

      1. Yeah, guys can easily just beat the crap out of each other and be all good after it. Girls usually take crap on one’s heart (chacha)

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