Photo diary: Prologue

Yo! So quite some time has passed since I came back after having a mini euro trip, but I was too  busy getting off my tail to write for my imaginary audience. The route was (more or less) Lithuania- Eindhoven- Amsterdam- Rome-Florence-Venice-Sacile-Udine-Milan-Lithuania. I know that Jeff Schaffer’s Euro Trip is pretty much wrapped up in erotic charm, but my personal experience was a bit of a let down, in comparison with that department. If someone would ask me to tell an hour long story about the Colosseum I would probably tell him or her to wank off. Why? Because I wasn’t infected with a monument-explaining-diarrhea, since I don’t need no brochures (and education). I prefer having a non-touristic experience while travelling, thus, when I can, I reside with the locals. Walking down the small street, following a bunch of locals to a petite corner cafe that has jawgasmic fresh sandwiches and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg has its own pizzazz, I guess. Getting lost and finding your way, buying fruits at the market and laying down at the park most likely wouldn’t make up for a script, but it’s good enough for a  real life scenario.

Part 1 -Amsterdam. Enjoy the view, bitchachos.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. xdarkxlightx says:

    glad you got lots of pictures of bikes – apart form the cafes and girls in windows this is what Amsterdam means to me

    1. Barbie says:

      Yeah, bikes were amazeballs, really!

  2. Txeiks says:

    beautiful pics, bitchacha! 😉

    1. Queen B says:

      Thanks Txeiks! 🙂

    2. Barbie says:

      thanks muchacha 😉

      1. Txeiks says:

        Muchachoooo! Don’t change my gender! Hahaha! 😉

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