Up On The Roof diary


The God, The Baby and the Shit

It has been quite some time since I’ve started working for Panacea Productions – a film production company, but up till now I haven’t really waffled about my activities on the left and right,  so here it goes; As my first baby is about to be born (don’t worry i’ll explain in a bit) I automatically feel obliged to let everyone know about it, cause ya know it’s just what us, hypothetical moms, do. First things first – the baby is obviously a metaphor of my premier time on the set and generally having contributed in both stages of the filmmaking: pre-production & production. Oh dear God, the baby was exhausting, the baby was annoying & guess what, babies are full of shit (It is pretty sad of me to mention God, baby and shit in one sentence, but  fortunately i’m a non believer) ! However, unlike the metaphor a real baby is actually one’s supreme and genetic legacy, it’s a reproduction of oneself and investment in the future at the same time. Nonetheless, a film could also count as one’s intellectual legacy (director’s, scriptwriter’s, etc.) unless your given credit is not much of a worth, then situation is pretty equivalent to adopting (hypothetical paternity) or becoming a surrogate for the idea. Anyhow, you fall in love in spite of feces, tears or sleepless nights…


The Rooftop diaries

Tough four days was spent in order to make a 17 minutes length film. Standing thorough the rain and taking care of young actors, ‘Action’ and ‘Cut’ phrases, Earl Cameron’s wisdom, Maisie William’s character and Michael Matias naughtiness, speakers, props, photographers and interviewers and perhaps a thousand cup of coffees. I think the experience is too much, to put  in a singular text, since film has a world on its own. It’s like a blob that swallows whatever you had previously going on and the weird part is that you love being sucked in, so somewhat a fetish-like experience. Finally, various folks from crew and cast list have their own story and their own attachments to the film.  All of us cultivated the baby, too bad everyone shares different rights towards the end product. These complex relationships concerning intellectual property ( I exemplified it in a context of parenthood) has made us, I guess, an extremely weird family that shares a bond of producing something as a group of individuals . Well, for all I know I’m a drama-fanatic and this baby has some in it!


FYI:  I  was not trying to be unethical by any chances, giving an edge to the story is quite the norm, so please don’t seek out nonexistent truth.

Up on The Roof

The Film  and Southern Exposure supported film receives its world premiere at London Film Festival, 2013. Produced and Directed by  Nour Wazzi it stars Michael Matias (The Bodyguard), Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) and Earl Cameron (Inception).

Plot outline: Marcus is a neglected and lonely 12-year-old hiding from the world by camping out on a rooftop. His makeshift haven is threatened when the girl he’s always loved comes looking for his help.


BLACK ‘n’ WHITE stills from the set:


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