Seldom footprints that are washed by the ocean


Seldom I think about the people that have been in my life and come to a realization that somehow I am not upset about those who are now gone. Does that make me a bad person? I keep asking myself.  For not to be able to maintain or value the connections and  presences that was once so dear… It is so easy to disappear, yet hard to stay close. However, truly, I am not even a tiny bit sad.

Well, as I was looking into the ocean I understood few things. Similarly, like the relationships by the flow of life, those footprints on the sand are washed away by the blue waters. But then I thought, it should not be a topic about about the footprints nor the sea. Look at the sand, it has the story on its own. What is not imprinted on the surface, still has contributed on the deeper contexts. If there was once a presence, it definitely affected the sands’ story in one way or another. The “footprints” are washed away not because they are forgotten, thy are still there, just deeper. In fact, footprints are washed away, because sometimes it makes easier for other people to walk in and leave a mark of their own.

Don't hold back, will ya?

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