4-days of electronic extravaganza in the woods

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This year I had a fantastic opportunity to join the 8th edition of an electronic music heaven a.k.a Farr Festival held in a forest in Hertfordshire, England. What felt at first more like a friendly gathering in 2009, has now evolved into one of the UK’s leading electronic music festivals, boasting of not only its flawlessly curated international acts but also of its own regular flamboyant crowd of music gourmands. And if listening to a line-up of fantastic musical talent while being surrounded by cornfields, wild grass and intimate woodlands do not make you want to join along the ride… You should probably stop reading now, because from here on — it gets even better.

Image by Here & Now

The eighth edition of the festival has brought an array of diverse international talent, new stages, daytime experiences, such as cocktail masterclasses, DISCO Dodgeball’s water slide, meditation classes and various different activities and performers. All, of course, spread out over the four days of pure music and nature. Even though most of the stages were still located in the woods, new additions gave the festival a more well-rounded layout feel, it spread out the entire area more to accommodate the growing demand.

Images by Here & Now

This year there were six stages with each stage presenting different and unique moments. From highly produced performances of the likes like Red Axes, Todd Terje at the Factory, a fire blasting staged walled by containers; to captivating disco vibes created by Floating Points at The Shack.

Such musical and atmospheric variety have attracted quite a diverse audience that could roam around the festival freely and without trouble picking out what to listen to depending on their taste and mood.

Images by Here & Now

Without a doubt, Farr Festival is a festival known for the amazing electronic acts, but it’s amazing installations and decorations were just as alluring. Not only that but its activities too! Anyone who felt fancy or missed home comforts had the opportunity to relax and take a dip into a hot-tub with a glass of bubbly. And inside the festival site, there were a lot of sights to explore, from food (vegetarian and vegan options too!) vendors, carousels to vintage clothing shops.

Image by Here & Now

For us, the key to the success of Farr Festival was definitely its intimate size, selection of artist and location. Festival, very obviously, is getting more and more recognition amongst the music-centrics. It’s very well curated line-up, beautiful and playful decorations, delicious food and thoughtful layout is a definitely a recipe for success, as this year proved.

We really enjoyed the ride and can’t wait to see what they have planned for the next year. Are you coming along?

Image by Here & Now

2 Comments Add yours

  1. PagosaNow says:

    So awesome! This is something I want to attend.

    1. Barbs says:

      You should definitely go! The line-up and the entire setting was tight

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