Weird girls in costumes

Project author says, “The Weird Girls Project is an extraordinary art project for ordinary women.”

The birth of “The Weird Girls Project” was instigated by the media’s depiction of women’s body image and the effect it has on us. It’s a continuous art exper­i­ment, cre­ated to empower women, and is produced by the con­cep­tual artist Kitty Von-​Sometime. While Kitty cre­ates concepts of every event, it always involves vari­ous pho­to­graph­ers, cos­tume design­ers and film­makers to make the pro­ject into meaningful collaboration.

The Weird Girls Project - Episode [9]


The project is released in a form of film series, with each and every episode using music video format to put exposure on different body shapes and sizes… Everything that makes us, well – us! Women that take part are of dif­fer­ent ages, edu­ca­tional back­grounds, have different life exper­i­ences and don’t neces­sar­ily know each other before the day of the performance. They’re not professionals, by all means. They’re theatre virgins.

Watching these episodes, I found the art project somewhat similar to the notion of a carnival by the exterior, but also in the spirit of it. The free-thinking, the breaking of rusty and oppressive forms of thought, and, of course, the unity.

“Carnival is a kind of syncretic, ritualised pageantry which displays a particular perspective,” says Andrew Robinson in his article on the concept of a carnival.

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“The Weird Girls Project” is developed epis­ode by epis­ode, and while every woman knows she’ll be pho­to­graphed and filmed, everything else – is kept under the covers. Including concept, location and costumes. Obviously, participants do get to know the date. And music. They do know the theme music.

The concept for each epis­ode is care­fully pol­ished for around 3 months before its fruition into visual formats. The end res­ult of the pro­ject is of visual nature, but the centrepiece is always the event itself and the “release to the unknown”, as the creator says. It’s all about women’s reac­tions, their adaptation of cos­tumes… It’s about them learning of their individual power, as well as the strength of coming together as a group.

Watch episodes here.

Photography [Courtesy Of Kitty Von-​Sometime]

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