It’s a POO, it’s a POOL, it’s pollution’s evolution


Project “Immersion”

Winters make me fat. A tribute to food


I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.



There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

The cronut redemption


Da gr8 Gatsby reimagined

Don’t you sometimes wish to  experience what is it like living in a different decade?  I am going to go ahead and boldly state that you do. C’mon, us people, are never utterly satisfied with what we have. I am talking  Woody Allen and Midnight in Paris or Robert Zemeckis and Back to the future . Back in time or forward in the future does charm more than whatever is happening at the present and its complex marriage with technologies. I would go back to 1920s’ America and go heavy in flapper style. Having alcohol as the best friend and becoming regular at jazz clubs with the hope of meeting Lois Armstrong – could totally pull that. What the heck, maybe I would even meet Ernest Hemingway and “£$% … And… £$”^ Oh well, just invent the time machine thingy, already!


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It is my fault. Isn’t it?


Autumn Patterns


Mix & Match cold feet with hot mint tea (brown sugar is recommended only for the brave ones). To enhance your features wear woolen socks with quirky Swedish patterns , it gives you an instant confidence boost, plus sliding functions . And for those who have a knack for fresher appearance cuddle-with-an-old-blanket time is a must!

Finally, to really rock autumn’s patterns,  find yourself a partner and go for long walks in the tree-leafless parks, freeze and then warm each other while snuggling.

(or die alone)