Photo diary: thieves of the night. A guide to S. Sebastian

Endless walks in the night, laying next to the ocean at dawn and wonderfully cheap red wine. We are thieves of the night. Sneaking, climbing and rioting on the streets gently. The mankurts of normalities kicked us in our guts and away from their absurd kingdoms . But guess what… we like it that way. If stealing small fragments of the joyfulness is a…


It’s a POO, it’s a POOL, it’s pollution’s evolution Project “Immersion”

Bright in Brighton: crossing the ocean

Here we are, dressed in bright colours, fully prepared to take all of the Brighton in. We are the ones who like to feel. We go around. We smell the air, while becoming the people of very few words. Grasping and bathing in the horizon as the prisoners, just released. We are the sea kids….