like nothing, with a bit of salt.

A story about strangers that cloud my mind with stardust

seeing things, seeing things, seeing things, scanning things

I cannot get away. From the sea, From seeing things, From scanning you, From diverting my gaze, From catching yours, From keeping silent, From breaking silence, From trembling, From the turbulence, From tremendous thinking, I cannot keep my mind occupied anymore. As I’ve been thinking of you. whiskey 🖖🏻

Am I a mad woman? Feverish, yet empty.

The bittersweet taste of wine dries my already sore throat. You see… it is hurt from the dozens of cigarettes that I smoked today. And of course, there’s a nosebleed with the rest of the problem wagon, telling me to quit bad habits. I ended up pushing table napkins down the nostrils aggressively, almost with the…

Driving Cadillacs in Our Dreams

In this empty, Bob Dylan’s music-filled room, the sound of doors being knocked drowns… My sharp ear manages to filtrate the irregular tact that interrupted swinging tune. Senses, now alerted, give me an ecstatic goosebumps, yet I decide to wait for the next characteristic course of action to take its place. Humans and their patterns are easy to…