Brainwashed at the exit of the giftshop

Battle field: Opera Gallery, enemies: my friend and Mr. Brainwash (pseudonym for Thierry Guetta). Wait a minute, wait a minute … Let’s take a glance at the prologue. Why was I struggling? Well, I was just very skeptical about the visit to the glamorous gallery in the same kind of area, but my friend was very persistent so I decided to give up. I can tell you, that sometimes surrender can be more productive than a battle won. I realized that the battle was lost even before putting a leg inside, because before entering the gallery we were welcomed by one of Mr. Brainwash’s works, which immediately captured my heart.

The gallery itself has a small capacity, but the scope of Mr. Brainwash is inversely proportional to the size of the gallery. Mr. Brainwash’s works clearly can not be compared with the National Gallery’s cherished portraits painted professionally, but it’s not even worth the comparison, because it’s totally two different worlds, hence the comparison would be immoral and moronic (in the same way how it is ridiculous arguing about science and religion). Artist’s works can cause outrage or admiration, but whether one or the other, the most intriguing point is that the work of his leaves a titanic effect on the observer. We took awhile there, quite long enough, because there we looked deeper, esteemed the technique of the artist, tried to reveal the hidden messages and looked for undisclosed purpose of the work. Thierry Guetta employs famous artistic and historic images, many of which are copyrighted and changes the originals in the slight or spreads across the ways, which is similar to Banksy’s style. At first I was confused and asked myself if this is somehow related to Banksy. Well, it was but never mind that, because both of them are equally amazing.

Enjoyed my theoretical meeting with them at the gift shop’s exit.


Dandelion in a concrete jungle

Sooner or later everybody has to leave their parents’ nest to start creating their own life. A considerable amount of the young one’s choose to settle down not too far away from bread-winners, whereas others cheerfully prolong the term of their stay, however how many heads are, as well and opinions, as well as the different decisions made by those heads. Well and what did my noddle decide? Apparently, to reside in London. In particular, I explain how I appeared here. Well the route Lithuania – London took three incredibly long and tiring days, during which heart-to-heart talks with nurtures, which equates to pouring water through the wind, prolonged the journey, but the fact that in a one day I managed to visit six countries (Poland> Germany> Netherlands>Belgium> France> England) somehow makes me arrogantly believe that the trip was a whole lot of fun and it  morally and physically lifted me. Believe me, to get stuck in a moving object for 72 hours with just you and your raisers is not the best way to spend your time, even if I do sound as I just started to mature as a teenager (well, the devil did not see, we have to admit that maybe this and I am) but at least I play with open cards. Shall we return to the topic? And that was about how my ass was brought to the final destination and my impression of the city. Inhaling and exhaling … Now I am at one of the most important commercial, financial and cultural centers in the world, which is influential in: politics, science, entertainment, media, fashion and art. I have to admit that the view from my bird nest was completely different. Perhaps to locals the fact that I took the tour bus for 7 hours just to chill on the seat and look at the architecture of London, or the fact that my accent does not meet any category,or that I’ve never rode in the underground before, or that my walking pace is too slow is ridiculous itself and somehow all of that makes me look as… Well as the villager to city people. But I have nothing against such adjectives. I came here to expand my knowledge, and not to please anyone else. There are some cases when humans forget their national identity and beliefs in order to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, but there’s nothing wrong with who you are and you don’t have to become alike with the mass to have a life of full value. Even a dandelion can grow in the middle of the city, can’t it?

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