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Cubanisto: Discover the spirit within


As soon as  I, and my fellow adventure-seeking mates entered the smoky corridor, we were blown away by the mysterious attempts of the new Rum flavored beer – Cubanisto. At that instant I thought to myself: ‘Well fuck me, that’s some next level shit!’


And that’s, my beloved (decided to be nice for a change) readers, was the beginning of the masked awesomeness.


-Hello Sir or Madam, – we were greeted by the  nursers in masks, hiding in the shadows of fabricated fog. Soon after such cloak-and-dagger suggestion to drop the identity (whether it was gender, age or an ugly face) we were asked to confess our secrets on a sheet of paper. I am usually pretty open, perhaps to a disgusting level, but this time I would rather not share my confession, as I was pretty downright there. Perhaps even too blunt, as later the perplexed faces of the two-speaking-at-once-nurses implied, while reading it. The misses were also  kind enough to  give a piece of  puzzle for each of us to solve. I felt  Zamza’s motifs messing with my essence and moulding it into a shape of a Sherlock Holmes’ magnifier.  Curiosity driven metamorphosis was now partying in my brains and pants.



This and that happened, and we found ourselves facing a closet, and yeah, you guessed it, it was a hidden door to the party. Literally a God damn Narnia, but like tres tres cooler, as we knew that on the other side – free booze awaits (pardon me, the movie or book fans). The transfusion to boozy Narnia happened through a really small coridor with, yep, some lights at the end (almost the dying-like scenario). A lit sign offered to ‘discover the spirit within’ and directly beneath there was the most (and the only one, so far in my short life) beautiful midget door.


*Opens the petite doors*

We see a pair of masked beer ladies, who provided the salvation to our poor alcoholic souls. The Sherlock within us soon realised that the puzzle pieces need to form a skull. We dared to take out our socialising paraphernalia – revolver of a smile, and M4A1 of word voms and began targeting the victims. As the expert of the later gun, I got an overkill: spotted, aimed and then GUNSHOT. After solving the puzzle, thanks to the guns , Sherlock or whoeverthefuc, we went to claim the key.


Let me tell you more about this hell of a key. The party had some wooden creates with locks on them, but luckily, the key for the curious fucks, had an open Sesame function. Behind those boxes, almost angelic , were the free-food cards. I don’t think a child’s birth can compare to the happiness I found at that time.



So I was eating my precious sandwich, drinking some (or rather a lot of) beers and enjoyed the swarm of people merrily glitter-pimping their masks. The confessions were projected next to the mask workshop, but I don’t think they put mine out there, as it was a bit too much, as I have warned.  There were also folks putting up some nice neon graffiti on walls, and a photo-booth that gives the pictures manually (instead of a machine printing it, there was a hand that poped-out (almost shat my pants, though)) so I was really on high happiness levels.


Finally, a countdown to the midnight began, and at the end of it some sick  beat-boxing took over the vibes.


It was a damn good adventure, let me tell you. Cubanisto and Ralph agency (the guys who put all this up), you sirs or madams deserve a freakin’ bow, for all I know.

All photographs are by ‘They call me GT‘  // @theycallme_gt


“Do i look like a fucking role model?”

Pure elegance, etiquette, lady manners are antonyms of my whole existence. Is it something i wish or look forward to obtain?


I definitely, want to drink beer with stretched out finger, once I’m old.

“Do i look like a fucking role model?”

Summertime sadness


It has been quite some time, since I’ve posted anything. In these sort of cases, people should apologize or defend themselves with sucky excuses . But you know what… Fuck you. No, seriously, I have a life and writing a blog is just of nano size importance to me. More or less…

I’m drinking beer at the moment, perhaps this out of nowhere brutality can be the cause of it?

Anyways, summer is slowly coming to an end (miss obvious strikes again), which is always sad. The case,perhaps, is worse for those who still go to school, a whole new year of crap in modern version of concentration camp. Boy, oh boy… I remember, once I’ve finished school:


Truthfully, the happiest moment of my life, was graduation.

For those still in high schools : good luck, motherfuckers, you’ll need it.

Man I’m drowning in sadness or beer is started killing my brain cells, since I’m getting all nostalgic. Summer festivals, friends, good weather and no worries. That’s the way every season should be lived (unless you cock suckers live in tropical places,where summer is 365).

Photograph below  is taken by me


Either way, that’s the way life works. Constant goodbyes and greetings. You just get used to the shit.

I’m outta here for another beer,

Cheers, bitchachos!