tonsillitis interpreted

so this week I am stuck in bed. tonsillitis came earlier than usual. boredom and pain is a killer combo. literally


It’s a POO, it’s a POOL, it’s pollution’s evolution Project “Immersion”

Post-Valentine’s confessional: growing James Dean’s balls

(Lips drawn by Gabriele Gumu, Poster by me) Yo! Let me begin by expressing how pissed I am. It’s quite the norm in the blog, in case you haven’t noticed, douchebags. Why? Oh, well, I don’t know… MAYBEBECAUSE Valentine’s is already gone!!! Let me explain myself, as I am not one of those extreme fanatics…


London Ethnic & Fashion London were hosting a Closing party for Fashion Week in aid of Capital FM’s charity ‘Help A Capital Child’ at one of London’s most extravagant venues – Rise The Superclub and I have been invited to attend the event as a blogger. Fashion party was raising funds for Capital FM’s charity ‘Help…

Dash Magazine: Issue Launch Party

DASH Magazine is the London-based illustrated magazine on fashion and fashion art. Published biannually and distributed worldwide, DASH is aimed at opinion formers of all genders with an interest in fashion and art-related fields. It is its strong focus on fashion illustration – a previously under-appreciated art form currently celebrating a vivid comeback – which makes the magazine one…