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London Ethnic & Fashion London were hosting a Closing party for Fashion Week in aid of Capital FM’s charity ‘Help A Capital Child’ at one of London’s most extravagant venues – Rise The Superclub and I have been invited to attend the event as a blogger.

Fashion party was raising funds for Capital FM’s charity ‘Help A Capital Child’. DJs, live bands, catwalk shows, a bar, free drinks for guests on entry, a celebrity memorabilia auction and raffle to raise funds for the charity and finally a dancefloor until late was plated to the ones who attended.

‘Partying for a cause’  was never my thing, but I was sort of bribed by the idea of two juxtapositions meeting at a point of a party. The theoretical formula should go like: fashion+charity=party and in the memory of maths I decided to see how it works when applied practically.

September 17th 

Flashing lights and zero amount of available couches combo wasn’t great for my dying feet (killer heels), so I rushed to the bar  to order a glass of my favorite – gin&tonic. I found some sort of barrier to lean on and  then got myself slowly absorbed into the world of fashion…  While skimming through people’s outfits, faces and fabrics I rediscovered my own closet and my head was already making a train of thoughts for new mix’n’matching marathon for my wardrobe.

One formula leads to another one, isn’t it?

Dozing of didn’t last much, since live performers ended whatever they were doing (have to admit, didn’t like Justin-Timberlake-wanna-be’s singing ) and then the show began.

Catwalk shows spotlighted some of the London Ethnic Fashion House’s home-grown London Fashion Designers, including Soumia Ghouini , Rabbit Hole London , Carlotta Actis Barone and Rebecca Suanli-Goh , who have been featured previously at London’s Graduate Fashion Week and London Fashion Week shows.

Each designer had unique approach to fashion and personal tendencies but I would also like to give some credit to the DJs. They have done  great work, functioning as a glue to make the catwalk and the party duo happen. I won’t go into the details about the fashion designs itself, simply because I am not an expert of that kind, so I leave this for the wardrobe gurus.

And at some point the fashion + charity thingy ended.  And to be fair the premises were abandoned by the press/designers pretty fast. Either they are no good at maths, since they just got to know a single figure of the formula (fashion), or they don’t give a crap and just did what they were paid for. Consumerism whispers that the second case is probably more accurate. I never understood were charity is positioned, probably cause I wasn’t really listening to the people on stage. And we all know how charities are interconnected with speeches on stage. Finally,  free drinks helped to forget about the emptiness of the venue for only a short period of time and I had to stop my mathematical research at this point.

The formula doesn’t work. Maybe, by singling those three subjects out you can say that the event did succeed, everyone got what they came for. Fashion masses- fashion itself, people that came for charity – donated their money and party people – did got a bit of a party (I assume it got busier when I left).

I have to admit, my grades were pretty average in maths.


Save the drama for yo mama

484527_156446821194770_1470689225_n 944454_156446931194759_1323451470_n

Friend-ships are called like that, since it is hard to be on the same boat with a person you don’t really appreciate. Either you both sail or one has to drown. And it is what it is- friendshipping or no shipping. Well, at least, this is what I believe, but quite often do those theories have a tendency of failing in practice. Simplicity and its beauty are always getting complicated by people’s characteristic filters and man… it gets dirty. Though, shouldn’t filters exist for cleansing and not for damaging the poor plane and the simple?

These good old ships have a different working mechanisms nowadays and we are holding tightly onto, even when they begin to sink like a Titanic that just met an iceberg. We are gripping tightly, even if the person at the other end of your tiny tiny boat makes you want to jump into  shark’s jaws or pursue Jack Kerouac’s attitude towards whiskey. And that is just mentally nihilistic and suicidal. From here onwards, it is simple mathematics with a clear result:

Drama it is…

Well, from my point of view, ain’t nobody got time for that – don’t start the ‘life of pi’ sort of scenario with someone who is not worth it. Pygmalion effect is just another theory and high expectations does not really give you the better results.

And If you shower yourself with cornucopia of positivism, then… Do the maths yourselves.

c’mon save the drama for yo mama, it’s time to smoke marijuana.

How to cheat in life?

Yo! So you know, some of us are born to suck at crafty things. Or just things that require firm instead of clumsy hands.

As you might know, I am one of the God’s unfavoured kiddos. Why? Because that’s why. (press the link, i mean it!!!)

I burn shit. And i break shit… (sounded sort of wrong). FYI:  Once i gently touched some window and not only curtains but radiator broke as well. Motherfradiator!

But back to the weird topic: I get stuff stolen from me as well, like (attention attention) in two months I lost two IDs.

I manage to buy wrong return flight tickets and realize it just before check-in. (I bought a return ticket for a month later than i should have)

Eeverything falls,breaks apart or hits me. And what do you do then?

CRY? Bitches love crying?


You cheat. You cheat your way through life:

Broke a toilet handle?

photo (2)

– No problem

Council is changing windows for a block of flats:

photo (5)

– Only yours is broken and construction workers noticed after already putting the frame in. No worries some bin bags for the holes will do, it’s only -7 degrees outside.

Want some hot milk?

photo (3)

Having the same result twice probably means you’re too old for it.

Wanna see your favorite band?

photo (4)

Some dudes in the front are pushing too hard, go home, you have to wake up early for work.

So, after all of this it should be clear that I also suck at doing my hair.

webcam-toys-photo8-Piece of advise:

Just put a hat on ffs.

p.s I wanted to go to a medical school. Imagine…

‘Kitchen + woman= Sandwich’ rubric is back!!

Hello, dear cooking enthusiasts!

Today, I decided to bring back to life my lovely rubric of the little wonders that take place in the place of a woman- the kitchen. I am no Three Musketeers, however I am no less than equal to Sancho Panza… At cooking… Yeah, I am not too sure how it relates,but metaphors at least should count as trying.

Khem, so today’s main ingredient would be garlic… And bread. The cook has to be at least of Ramsay’s rank to be able to make it, but the taste is not definable even by the most heavenly-like words.

Ingredients you’ll need:

  • Tesco Twin Pack Garlic Bread 420G (£1.50);
  • Some dirty oven, that is about to break apart in your about to break apart apartment;
  • Gloves or towels, because ‘motherfoven’ can be hot, especially if you’re clumzy;
  • Computer and some good-for-nothing series;

The process:

1. Unpack the bread

2. Turn the oven’s heat to the maximum. (pre-heating is just a waste of time)

3. If you are a heavy eater, put two loafs of bread or vice versa.

4. Go and waste your life on the computer, by watching superficial TV series. I suggest 90210, gossip girl or sex in the city, since they perfectly fit the criteria.

5. In the middle of the time-consuming activities realise that something’s burning and remember that it’s your meal

6. Voila enjoy burnt, unhealthy and most likely disgusting garlic bread.

The outcome:


The previous series of this rubric is here.