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Elvis Presley 12


When I think about it, I never had a favorite number. Or color or band or book or anything favorite, placed with numerical order somewhere in the folders of my noddle. In the past I did discuss my emotions when the question ‘What’s your favourite’ rises… I guess I was never really interested in those sort of things. Or didn’t see where those questions lead. Do questions have to lead or it is just a polite way to talk about yourself after you hear your partner’s speech?

People have unique opinions and that’s truly an interesting thing to hear. Not the band, or hobby, but something like ‘ Hey I think I was Elvis Presley (i was really sure of it, when I was young) in previous life’.

It is easy to get sick of ‘hey, how’s the weather’ questions, but choosing an extreme there’s a high risk to be looked at as some girl fucked in the head.

Maybe I am. Or maybe I am just socially awkward.

People sure love talking about themselves,anyway. Even here, right now… It is clear that response is not what people look for. We are just too interesting to ourselves.

That’s sad. That’s true.


Fashion untips


oi bastards! missed me?

if answer is no,then it’s mutual.

I came back to remind you about ‘how to do fashion’

Fashion tips:

Nr. 1 don’t take any tips from a retard

Nr. 2 including the tip above

Nr. 3 hair is the answer

‘How to’ wear clothes


  • Open you wardrobe
  • Pick something random = vivid colors
  • Search through your friend’s closet
  • Pretend that you know shit about fashion
  • And pull the look with your attitude
  • Gold all in my chain, Gold all in my ring, Gold all in my watch, Don’t believe me jus’ watch, Nigga Nigga Nigga