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Photo diary: thieves of the night. A guide to S. Sebastian

Endless walks in the night, laying next to the ocean at dawn and wonderfully cheap red wine. We are thieves of the night. Sneaking, climbing and rioting on the streets gently. The mankurts of normalities kicked us in our guts and away from their absurd kingdoms . But guess what… we like it that way. If stealing small fragments of the joyfulness is a crime, then please, punish us… All the way to the Penal Colony of our phantasmagorias.




Photo diary: Autumn in Spain

Hola, readers! I haven’t shared stuff with you in a while, which is good, because it’s not that entertaining  anyways. My friend after ‘interesting free’ lectures announced that his girlfriend broke up with him, but after hearing this I was ( as a selfish bitch I am) happy, since he proposed me to do something spontaneous:

-So, do you want to go to Spain (He has the tickets, but ex-girlfriend sort of ditched him)?


-Today at 3 a.m

-Yeah, why not!

Don’t wanna blabber on about what we ate and about the night outs we had, but from rockish live concert we performed, to poker with the local gang and juggling with a stolen egg for free beer, we did pretty well (?) Imma showing pictures instead!

Crazy trip! We started it by running late to the airport gates, since we were eating massive breakfast at 5 a.m. before the flight and finished with the same routine, but booze was at fault this time.

Photographed by me