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Photo Diary: “Bewitched” a guide to Brighton

There’s just something about Bournemouth that excites me every time when I come around. Similarly as is visiting an old friend that greets you with a bottle of wine instead of tea in the early afternoon (the fun part is clearly that the “early afternoon” can actually  be called the late morning). And these type of friends, I would suggest, are the keepers. But hey, that’s my cup of tea, not necessarily should be yours.

So meet Bournemouth. It is about 2 and half an hour ride by a bus full of old people (no one likes them, supposedly), broken AC, which is pretty much the same as hell, except with reverse temperature + funny throat, and smell of the the summer’s favorite – sweat. Definitely not the definitions one would like to delegate for the start of, but gradually it got better when at the end  fresh ocean’s breeze sneaked into the wheels of torture and missus I shed a tear of joyfulness.

So let’s start with the first impressions that as a rule so many times really go the wrong way. And obviously as good kid I followed it:  at first, I kind of got the feeling ‘ok this one is a bit of a weirdo’ as various gentleman’s wiggle clubs together with ladies’ freakingly twin-ish sense of style (leather jackets n leggings, bitch) or the fact that no one really knows what’s going on in this small city, have offered. But it’s cool, I guess  am not the most normal person too, so I just went with it and actually ended up falling in love. Sadly, for the melodrama fans, it is a figurative type of love or as the T-shirt  on the most touristic market stool would quote “I ❤ BM” (I just made up the acronym). Anyhow, the sea at night, the stares of the people, the pier with flirty fisherman, the laid-back attitudes, skating culture, 50% of food on Mondays, the mountainy terrains, guys at the cool clothe shop who raise pigeons as a hobby, the open bus that takes you to the creepy island and much more got me to drop the nasty attitude for good.

The moment it all turned 360 degrees was perhaps at Swanage (a.k.a creepy island). We were sitting in front of the ocean, watching the only few things that the scenery has offered :  boats, cliffs, waves, while surrealistic sounds coming from the game machines of the  ancient “Entertainment World” filled in the air . It had a calm (as if all inhabitants of the town were in rehabilitation period of some sort) but at the same time phantsmagoric feel to it, which lit the sparks. Not to forget, the cliff and the long walk in the forest with the finale of sitting at the prohibited edge and watching the ocean… Perhaps, it all doesn’t make sense, but the place was strange and maybe even clumsy analogously to a flawed person whose personality is helplessly charming. So yeah, unavoidably, I got bewitched.


Photo diary: Prologue

Yo! So quite some time has passed since I came back after having a mini euro trip, but I was too  busy getting off my tail to write for my imaginary audience. The route was (more or less) Lithuania- Eindhoven- Amsterdam- Rome-Florence-Venice-Sacile-Udine-Milan-Lithuania. I know that Jeff Schaffer’s Euro Trip is pretty much wrapped up in erotic charm, but my personal experience was a bit of a let down, in comparison with that department. If someone would ask me to tell an hour long story about the Colosseum I would probably tell him or her to wank off. Why? Because I wasn’t infected with a monument-explaining-diarrhea, since I don’t need no brochures (and education). I prefer having a non-touristic experience while travelling, thus, when I can, I reside with the locals. Walking down the small street, following a bunch of locals to a petite corner cafe that has jawgasmic fresh sandwiches and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg has its own pizzazz, I guess. Getting lost and finding your way, buying fruits at the market and laying down at the park most likely wouldn’t make up for a script, but it’s good enough for a  real life scenario.

Part 1 -Amsterdam. Enjoy the view, bitchachos.

Photo diary: Autumn in Spain

Hola, readers! I haven’t shared stuff with you in a while, which is good, because it’s not that entertaining  anyways. My friend after ‘interesting free’ lectures announced that his girlfriend broke up with him, but after hearing this I was ( as a selfish bitch I am) happy, since he proposed me to do something spontaneous:

-So, do you want to go to Spain (He has the tickets, but ex-girlfriend sort of ditched him)?


-Today at 3 a.m

-Yeah, why not!

Don’t wanna blabber on about what we ate and about the night outs we had, but from rockish live concert we performed, to poker with the local gang and juggling with a stolen egg for free beer, we did pretty well (?) Imma showing pictures instead!

Crazy trip! We started it by running late to the airport gates, since we were eating massive breakfast at 5 a.m. before the flight and finished with the same routine, but booze was at fault this time.

Photographed by me